Steel structures

To meet the expectations of customers representing various industries, we offer professional services in the field of design, production, anti-corrosion protection and assembly of steel structures. We handle structures of various utility parameters and intended use, offering functional, durable and aesthetic solutions. Our offer includes execution and assembly in accordance with EN 1090 up to Execution Class EXC-3:

  • industrial buildings,
  • public buildings,
  • engineering structures,
  • energy engineering and environmental protection facilities,
  • offshore structures,
  • bridge structures and footbridges
  • chemical and petrochemical facilities,
  • radar and telecommunications towers

All projects are carried out in close cooperation with the principal, which translates into even better adjustment of the structural parameters to the client's expectations and the purpose of the facility.

On an area of ca.1000m2, our Steel Structure Factory, equipped with modern welding and metalworking equipment, has a capacity of about 180 tons of structures per month and meets the following quality requirements:

  • Structure execution class up to EXC3, according to PN-EN 1090
  • All metallurgical and welding materials used for preparation of the structures have 3.1 approvals in accordance with PN-EN 10204
  • Welded joints made according to EN 1090-2 and EN ISO 3834
  • The quality level of the welds is in accordance with EN ISO 5817
  • Welding supervision Welding engineer Welder IWE - Tasks and responsibilities according to EN ISO 14731
  • Qualification test for welders according to EN ISO 9606-1
  • Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metals, welding procedure test EN ISO 15614/EN ISO 15613
  • Welding process instructions according to EN ISO 15609-1
  • Facility authorizations EN 1090, ISO 3834
  • Qualification and certification of non-destructive testing personnel (VT,MT,PT,UT) according to PN-EN ISO 9712

Projects responding to real needs

When designing steel structures and elements of building metalwork, we pay special attention to the idea which is to combine specific needs of the investor with technical requirements for specific steel structures and expectations of their potential users. As an experienced manufacturer of steel structures, we make every effort to offer our clients the solutions that are the most effective and at the same time the most beneficial from the perspective of the investment budget.

Clients interested in establishing cooperation are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our existing projects and contact us..